Roland TR-606 Audio Out

5 seperate audio outs for the Roland TR-606.

To control your TR-606 with MIDI, see the KADI port for Roland TR-606

£22.00 to £70.70 ex VAT
£26.40 to £84.84 inc VAT


PLEASE NOTE: Installing a socket upgrade kit is a skilled job which should be undertaken only by a competent synth service engineer or installed by us at our premises in Tadworth, just outside London.

5 Sockets

Our Roland TR-606 Audio Out socket kit adds 5 audio output sockets to the TR-606 to enable you to access the internal sounds individually using 3.5mm mono jacks. The main output will continue to function exactly as normal. The five additional outputs will give fixed level output signals unaffected by the individual volume knob settings for those sounds.

Using individual audio outputs allows you to process the individual sounds, and control your stero mix.

The kit contains all necessary components and diagrams for connecting the wires / components, and mounting the five 3.5mm mono jack sockets

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