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Synth repairs spares & manuals

Electronic musical instrument repairs in Guildford

Curtis (CEM) Chips from the USA

Synth repairs with branches in London & the Midlands

Synth repairs in Stoke-on Trent, by James Walker (ex Music Control)

Vintage Analogue Synthesizer Restorations & Repairs in Epsom, Surrey

Analogue Synthesizer and Audio Electronics Specialist in Suffolk (Andrew Jury)

Service and repairs to the music industry
Specialist in East Sussex (Andy Collins)

Synth repairs in the Guildford area


‘The UK’s biggest selling music recording Magazine’

‘Making music at the cutting edge of technology’

‘The complete guide to making music on your PC & Mac’

‘Your complete guide to creating, recording and editing music.’

‘The world’s leading professional audio technology magazine’


MIDI utility software for PC (including SysEx)

MIDI utility software for MAC OSX (including SysEx)

Host for multiple VST plugins and a lot more useful stuff

MIDI translator software for Windows

MAC OS9 & OSX editors for Control Freak Studio Edition and Control Freak Live

Third party editor for the Control Freak Studio

Cakewalk / Sonar

Cubase / Wavelab / Nuendo

Logic Pro


Sherman Filterbanks

Makers of the M3X analogue synth featuring built-in Kenton MIDI

Makers of the AJH MiniMod – a Eurorack modular recreation of the vintage model D


EMS Synthi

Jumping off point for all Yamaha sites


Korg Links – MIDI information

Flight Cases for keyboards & synths

Transit cases for keyboards & synths

Custom flight case specialist


If you are serious about DJing, you need to be at BPM

News & reviews – by musicians, for musicians

A wealth of info about synths etc.

Reviews & general interest site

Music E-Zine

Lots of useful info

Mac E-Zine


Customers’ websites

Japanese electronic music site

Keyboard player who uses an AX-1 with MidiStream

Synth info

Large Distributor of Analog and Modular Synthesizers

Vintage analogue synthesizer section

excellent Retro-Fit Descriptions & Photos of Kenton Modifications

Analogue Gear… Loads Of Photos & Descriptions

Chroma enthusiasts site


High quality MIDI files and more

Quiz equipment for rental

List of surplus Kenton components for sale

Converts ANY Amount From One Currency To Another, as used on this site

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