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Control Freak Profiles - Kenton Electronics

All of the Control Freak Original & Control Freak Studio Edition / Live profiles are now available for download in .zip files. Each profile is encoded within a Standard MIDI File (.mid) which will load into any sequencer that supports standard MIDI files on IBM PC, Apple Mac, Atari, Amiga and others, however we recommend that you use the Control Freak Editors which can be downloaded from this site, to make loading profiles easier. The .zip files are updated to include more profiles as they become available

If the item you want to control is not in the zip file, it may be that it can be controlled using generic profiles.

Control Freak Live & Studio Edition profiles (1.2MB zip file)

Control Freak Live & Studio Edition additions list (pdf file)

Control Freak Original profiles (384KB zip file)

A firmware upgrade was released in August 2003 for the Control Freak Original. This enables it to load Control Freak Live & Studio profiles as well as the Control Freak Original ones – take the link below for further details.

Firmware upgrades page