1 x 5 pin DIN plug to 2 x 3.5mm jack plug

For Pro-Solo mk1 to access DIN sync output (pins 1 & 3 connect to the jacks) and for Pro-Solo mkII to access Auxes 2 & 3

£6.93 ex VAT
£8.32 inc VAT


This lead has two intended uses:

1 – with a Pro-SOLO mkII
the DIN plug end will plug into the THRU socket (set to Aux mode) to access aux outputs 2 & 3, which are intended to be used to drive the accent and slide inputs of a TB-303 which has been fitted with a Kenton 5 Socket upgrade.

2 – with a Pro-SOLO mk1
the 3.5mm jack plugs will plug into the CV & Gate outputs of the Pro-SOLO used in sync mode, the DIN plug can then be plugged into any Sync 24 input on equipment )