Roland CR-68

£280.00 to £450.00 ex VAT
£336.00 to £540.00 inc VAT


PLEASE NOTE: Installing a retrofit kit is a skilled job which should be undertaken only by a competent synth service engineer or installed by us at our premises in Tadworth, just outside London.

Note also that retrofit kits are always built to order after your payment has been processed. It then takes us up to 10 working days to build and test the kit before we can despatch it.

Retrofit Kit

This retrofit kit for the Roland CR-68 adds the following MIDI control:

For incoming MIDI:
Any MIDI channel can be selected (default 10)
MIDI clock / stop / start
Sounds – any sound can be mapped to any MIDI note number (defaults 36-51)
Velocity controls whether notes are played accented or unaccented

For outgoing MIDI:
Any MIDI channel can be selected (default 10)
MIDI clock / stop / start
Sounds generate MIDI notes according to the mapping table (defaults 36-51)
Notes generated are given velocity 64 or 127 for unaccented and accented notes respectively

MIDI In, Out & Thru sockets
Push button (for programming the MIDI setup)
Setups are stored in non-volatile memory (Eeprom)

The kit comprises the following items:
Circuit board – attaches to back panel inside the CR-68
Small pack – contains DIN sockets and mounting hardware
Large pack – contains cable assemblies
User instructions – How to change from default settings and general instructions
Fitting instructions – step by step fitting guide plus diagrams of where to connect what

All kits are fully checked and tested before despatch

Note: Our retrofit kits are not intended for installation by the end user.
They should always be fitted by an experienced synth service engineer.

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