Sequential Pro-One

Find out how you can control your Sequntial Pro-One with MIDI using Kenton MIDI Retrofit Kits or MIDI to CV converters

The Sequential Pro-One doesn’t have MIDI, but does have 1/4″ CV/Gate/Filter sockets. Kenton offer a variety of options to get your Pro-One connected to MIDI.

  1. Fit a MIDI retrofit kit
  2. Use the Sequential Pro-One’s existing CV/Gate/Filter sockets with a MIDI to CV converter

Fitting a MIDI Retrofit Kit is a skilled job which should be undertaken only by a competent synth service engineer or fitted by us at our premises in Epsom, near London (UK customers only).

1. Fit a MIDI Retrofit Kit to the Sequential Pro-One

You can fit a MIDI retrofit kit which will allow you to control the Pro-One directly using MIDI from your DAW, MIDI Sequencer or other MIDI controller. Fitted inside your Pro-One, our MIDI Retrofit Kit adds MIDI IN and THRU sockets.

With the retrofit kit you’ll have MIDI control of Notes, Pitchbend, Modulation, Filter cutoff, Portamento / Glide, Sustain. Note that the retrofit is MIDI IN and THRU only, there is no MIDI Out. With the retrofit, the MIDI mod wheel controls the LFO of the Pro-One (as its own Mod Wheel does).

Click here for the Kenton MIDI Retrofit Kit for the Sequential Pro-One

2. Using the Pro-One’s Sockets with a MIDI to CV converter

The Pro-One is already fitted with 1/4″ CV, Gate and Filter sockets. You can control the Pro-One using MIDI with a MIDI to CV converter.

Which MIDI to CV converter should I use for the Pro-One?

Our MIDI to CV converters have CV and GATE outputs, and a number of AUX outputs that can be configured for your specific requirements. Any of our current MIDI to CV converters will be suitable for the Pro-One:

USB Solo (not currently available)

Modular Solo (not currently available)

You will also need 3 x 3.5mm to 1/4″ mono jack leads.

Connecting the MIDI to CV converter

The Pro-One has CV/Gate/Filter 1/4″ mono jack sockets. Connect them to your MIDI to CV converter as follows:

MIDI to CV ConverterPro-OneUsing
CV (Hz/V)CV IN3.5mm to 1/4″ mono jack lead
GATE (S-TRIG)GATE/CLK IN3.5mm to 1/4″ mono jack lead
Aux 1FILTER CV IN3.5mm to 1/4″ mono jack lead
Connecting the MIDI to CV converter to the Sequential Pro-One

MIDI to CV converter settings

Use the following settings on the converter for the Pro-One:

CV (Hz/V)P15 – CV/Hz[CV] 1 Volt per Octave (default)
GATE (S-TRIG)P16 – Gate Type[g05] Gate (V-trig) at +5V (default)
Aux 1P20 – Aux 1 Controller Numberwhichever CC you wish to use1
P21 – Aux 1 Minimum Value0 (default)
P22 – Aux 1 Maximum Value100 (default)
MIDI to CV Converter Settings for the Sequential Pro-One

1. The Pro Solo Mk3 will also allow you to use its own ADSR Envelope Generator to modify the filter cutoff.

Pro-One Settings

On the Sequential Pro-One itself you need to set the centre switch in the MODE section of the Pro-One to the Repeat/Ext position to allow the gate to work with an external MIDI to CV converter.

Learn more about MIDI to CV

If you don’t know anything about MIDI to CV converters and would like to know more, read the following page on our website:

What is MIDI to CV?