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PLEASE NOTE: Installing a socket upgrade kit is a skilled job which should be undertaken only by a competent synth service engineer or installed by us at our premises in Tadworth, just outside London.

1 Socket

Moog Rogue 1 skt (filter)

Kit to add a filter socket to the Moog Rogue
This synth already has suitable CV (osc) and Gate (s-trig) input sockets, so it is not necessary to add them.

This additional socket will enable the cutoff frequency of the low pass filter of the synth to be voltage controlled. This can be acheived using an aux output of one of our MIDI to CV converters, such as the Pro-Solo mkII, USB-Solo or Pro-2000 mkII. You can then control the filter cutoff using any continuous controller (cc) or other MIDI messages such as Aftertouch or Velocity.

The kit contains all necessary components and diagrams for connecting the wires / components, and mounting the 3.5mm mono jack socket.

You will need a 3.5mm mono jack to 3.5mm mono jack lead to connect the socket kit to one of our converters. Kenton sells a suitable lead for this prupose.

If you also want to play the notes of the Rogue, please be aware that the OSC & S-TRIG inputs of the Rogue are to the  RING connection of a stereo jack plug. Kenton sell suitable leads for this purpose.

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