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PLEASE NOTE: Installing a socket upgrade kit is a skilled job which should be undertaken only by a competent synth service engineer or installed by us at our premises in Tadworth, just outside London.

3 Sockets

Kit to add CV / Gate / Filter sockets to early Octave Cats which do not have the link socket. If you have the link socket you do not need this kit, but you will need the special cable which we can supply for connecting to one of our converters (stereo jack to 2 x 3.5mm jack – includes components).
See: Cables section / Synth connect cables – special.

When used in conjunction with one of our MIDI to CV converters, such as the Pro-Solo mkII, USB-Solo or Pro-2000 mkII, these three additional sockets will enable the synth to be played from a MIDI keyboard or MIDI sequencer.

The inputs are on 3.5mm mono jack sockets which provide the following control:
CV – provides Volt per Octave control over the oscillator frequency
Gate – controls when notes play (0 volts = note off / >3 volts = note on)
Filter – controls the cutoff frequency of the low pass filter (from aux out of converter)

The kit contains all necessary components and diagrams for connecting the wires / components, and mounting the three 3.5mm mono jack sockets.

Used with a Pro-Solo mkII or Pro-2000 mkII this kit will give you the following control over the synth from a suitable MIDI keyboard or sequencer:

Notes – around 5 octaves range – (this is not limited by the kit or converter, but by the synth itself)
Pitchbend – range can be set in the converter
Modulation – from converter’s inbuilt LFO. Speed and waveshape can be changed in real time.
Portamento (slide) – rate can be changed in real time.
Filter cutoff frequency – can be controlled using any continuous MIDI controller (cc) or other MIDI message such as Aftertouch or Velocity
Low / High / Recent note priority – can be set in the converter
Single / Multiple note trigger modes – can be set in the converter

See the specifications of the Pro-Solo mkII, USB-Solo or Pro-2000 mkII for further features.

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