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PLEASE NOTE: Installing a socket upgrade kit is a skilled job which should be undertaken only by a competent synth service engineer or installed by us at our premises in Tadworth, just outside London.

3 Sockets

Kit to add Hz/V / Gate / filter sockets to the Korg 770

When used in conjunction with one of our MIDI to CV converters, such as the Pro-Solo mkII, USB-Solo or Pro-2000 mkII, these three additional sockets will enable the synth to be played from a MIDI keyboard or MIDI sequencer.

The inputs are on 3.5mm mono jack sockets which provide the following control:
Hz/V – provides Hz/Volt control over the oscillator frequency
Gate – controls when notes play (0 volts = note off / >3 volts = note on)
Filter – controls the cutoff frequency of the low pass filter (from aux out of converter)

The kit contains all necessary components and diagrams for connecting the wires / components, and mounting the three 3.5mm mono jack sockets.

Used with a Pro-Solo mkII or Pro-2000 mkII this kit will give you the following control over the synth from a suitable MIDI keyboard or sequencer:

Notes – at least 5 octaves range – (this is not limited by the kit or converter, but by the synth itself)
Pitchbend – range can be set in the converter
Modulation – from converter’s inbuilt LFO. Speed and waveshape can be changed in real time.
Portamento (slide) – rate can be changed in real time.
Filter cutoff frequency – can be controlled using any continuous MIDI controller (cc) or other MIDI message such as Aftertouch or Velocity
Low / High / Recent note priority – can be set in the converter
Single / Multiple note trigger modes – can be set in the converter

See the specifications of the Pro-Solo mkII, USB-Solo or Pro-2000 mkII for further features.

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