miniKORG 700/700S

Find out how you can control your Korg miniKORG 700/700S with MIDI using Kenton MIDI Retrofit or Socket Upgrade Kits

The miniKorg 700/700S had neither MIDI nor CV/Gate sockets. Kenton offer a variety of options to get your miniKorg connected to MIDI.

The miniKORG 700 is the single-oscillator version with a blank panel to the left of the keyboard, while the 700S is the dual-oscillator version with oscillator controls to the left of the keyboard.

You have the following options for the miniKorg 700/700S:

  1. Fit a MIDI retrofit kit – there are different versions for the 700 and 700S
  2. Fit a CV/Gate/Filter Socket Kit so that you can use it with a MIDI to CV converter

Fitting a MIDI retrofit or socket upgrade kit is a skilled job which should be undertaken only by a competent synth service engineer or fitted by us at our premises in Epsom, near London (UK customers only)

1. Fit a MIDI Retrofit Kit to your miniKORG 700/700S

You can fit a MIDI retrofit kit which will allow you to control the miniKorg 700/700S directly using MIDI from your DAW, MIDI Sequencer or other MIDI controller. Our MIDI retrofit kit is for MIDI IN and THRU only. We have seperate kits for the miniKorg 700 and 700S:

Korg miniKORG 700 MIDI Retroft Kit

Korg miniKORG 700S MIDI Retroft Kit

2. Fit a CV/Gate/Filter Socket Upgrade Kit to your miniKORG 700/700S

The 700/700S did not have CV & Gate sockets already fitted. If you want to control your 700/700S using MIDI, then you will need a Socket Upgrade Kit, a MIDI to CV converter and leads:

Kenton make a 3 socket upgrade for this model which provides CV, Gate, Filter cutoff control sockets. The Socket Kit allows you to control the miniKORG 700/700S from a CV Sequencer or from MIDI using a MIDI to CV converter.

700 & 700s Socket Kit

MIDI to CV Converter
Use this link to see the range of Kenton converters suitable for this model:

Kenton MIDI to CV converters

Use the following settings on the converter for the miniKORG 700/700S :

CV – The upgrade socket requires Hz/V. Set the CV select parameter to Hz/V – this is a change from the Kenton default setting.
Gate – The upgrade socket requires a 5V gate signal – this is the Kenton default setting.
Filter – This should be connected to one of the Aux outputs of a Kenton converter. The filter socket requires a 0-10V analogue signal – this is the Kenton default setting.

3 x 3.5mm to 3.5mm mono jack leads will be required to connect your Kenton MIDI to CV converter to the Socket Kit.

Learn more about MIDI to CV

If you don’t know anything about MIDI to CV converters and would like to know more, read the following page on our website:

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