EDP Wasp/Gnat

Find out how you can control your EDP Wasp or Gnat with MIDI using Kenton MIDI products

The EDP Wasp and Gnat don’t have MIDI or CV/Gate, but does have their own proprietry LINK system using 7 pin DIN sockets. The Pro-KADI can connect MIDI to LINK, allowing you to control your Wasp/Gnat using MIDI from your DAW, MIDI Sequencer or other MIDI controller. Some of our older MIDI converters also support the EDP Wasp and Gnat.

Note that the Wasp/Gnat responds to three octaves of notes only – on a 61 note keyboard, this corresponds to bottom C#, to C, three octaves above. The Wasp does not respond to pitchbend – or indeed any other controls except sustain pedal, which will hold the current note. This is a design limitation of the Wasp itself.

Use a Pro-KADI to connect your EDP Wasp or Gnat to MIDI

The Pro-KADI can be ordered with a WASP lead rather than the standard KADI lead. If you already have a Pro-KADI, you can order the Wasp lead seperately.

Older Products that support the EDP Wasp and Gnat

If you have a Pro-2000, you can upgrade it to offer support for the EDP Wasp using our Wasp / KADI port for Pro-2000 (includes Wasp cable).

If you have a Pro-4, it already supports the Wasp, so you just need to order the Wasp lead.

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