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Looking to get your vintage synth or drum machine hooked up to MIDI? Check out Find My Synth to see how we can help!

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MIDI for vintage synths and sequencers

The MIDI communications protocol that enabled synthesizers to connect to, and control, each other was standardised in 1983 by a panel of music industry representatives, consequently the legendary analogue synths of the 70s and early 80s didn’t feature MIDI, requiring instead control voltages (CV & Gate or Hz/V and Trig) for external control. So how do you incorporate these vintage classics into your MIDI on DIN set up?

MIDI to CV / CV to MIDI Converters

Kenton MIDI to CV Converters take the MIDI Out from a Computer, DAW, Master keyboard or other MIDI source and convert it into various analogue voltage outputs such as CV (for pitch), Gate (for note on/off), Clock, DIN Sync and Aux (for other control voltages, eg. filter cutoff), so that you can integrate your vintage or modular analogue equipment into your MIDI setup. If your synth doesn’t already have CV/Gate sockets, we may well have a kit that will add them – see Find My Synth for more details.

In the reverse situation, Kenton CV to MIDI Converters take analogue CV, Gate (and sometimes other) voltages and convert them into MIDI,  which allows you to use analogue synthesizers & sequencers etc. as control sources for you to remotely play and control MIDI equipment.

Retrofit MIDI Kits for vintage synths and drum machines

Kenton Retrofit Kits and Socket Upgrades are available to equip a wide range of vintage synths and drum machines with MIDI on DIN, so you can connect them directly into your MIDI setup.