LNDR MIDI Line Driver

The MIDI Line Driver – extend MIDI up to 500 metres with CAT5.

See also LNDX MIDI Line Driver Pro.

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£127.92 inc VAT


The LNDR MIDI Line Driver extends MIDI beyond its 15 metre (50 feet) specification using CAT5 cables.

Extending MIDI to 500m

LNDR MIDI Line Driver extend MIDI


LNDR comes as a main and secondary pair that allows MIDI to be sent accurately in both directions at the same time, across distances of over 500 metres (1640 feet) using a standard CAT5e cables.

This is over 33 times the distance achievable using standard MIDI cables.

The LNDR MIDI Line Driver’s combination of balanced line drivers and twisted pair cable (CAT5e) gives a high degree of immunity to noise, which results in a very high degree of signal integrity – in plain language, a very reliable MIDI link over much greater distances than can be achieved with ordinary MIDI connections.

CAT5e cable is recommended: CAT5 cable will limit the transmission length to 100m.

CAT5 / CAT5e cable is not included (we don’t know what length you need!) Please see below for cables.

The CAT5 cable from an LNDR main unit should only be connected to an LNDR secondary unit, not to another main unit, and NEVER to any other device, even if it has a similar connector. (e.g. Ethernet).


Power Supply: Power 9V DC via 2.1mm centre-positive jack socket (Power Supply included)
Current Draw: 85mA
Connectors (each unit): RJ45: RS485 full duplex over CAT5. Note the LNDR requires exclusive use of the CAT5 cable.
2 x 5 pin DIN: MIDI IN, MIDI OUT
Range: 500 metres between main & secondary units over CAT5e cable
LEDs: LED to indicate Power and MIDI activity
Dimensions (each unit): 100 x 46 x 32mm
Weight (each unit): 110g (excluding power supply)
Accessories included: User Manual
9V regulated Multi-Region Power Supply (suitable for use in the UK, EU, US/Canada and AUS/NZ.)

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