Firmware update for Pro-4 (discontinued model)

This product cannot be re-flashed. An EPROM chip must be replaced to upgrade the firmware.

£18 ex VAT
£21.60 inc VAT


Pro-4 firmware history

12/11/1998 K4CV4302.324 Changed so that Portamento controller select can be stored with prog sysex dump
10/06/1997 K4CV4302.121 Added MIDI analyser mode / changed so that last program loaded or stored is the one loaded at power on / added fast scroll mode / many controllers now loop from max to min / Portamento Controller select added
25/08/1995 Improve sync 24 and arpeggio clock handling of uneven MIDI timing clocks
24/09/1994 Polyphonic mode added
17/05/1994 Auto sync added

The firmware revision of the Pro-4 is briefly displayed on the bottom line of the LCD whenever you turn the unit on.