Firmware update for Pro-2000 Mk2

This product cannot be re-flashed. An EPROM chip must be replaced to upgrade the firmware.

£18 ex VAT
£21.60 inc VAT


Pro-2000 mk2 firmware history

21/10/2013 KP2K5241 Added default setups for polyphonic modes
Added default setups for various popular synths that use other than the standard 1V/Oct & Gate
Note that you have to reset to factory defaults for the new default setups to appear
Fixed bug in polyphonic mode
19/03/2012 KP2K5237 Changed default for continue=start to ON
24/09/2011 KP2K5236 DAC output routines re-written to give longer settle times
30/12/2009 KP2K5232 Fixed bug in Arpeggio Clock Out
03/03/2009 KP2K5230 Fixed bug in Polyphonic Mode
19/01/2008 KP2K5219 Added the following features:
Polyphonic mode
Fixed time portamento added for Channels A + B in addition to existing fixed rate
Sustain now available for Aux outputs when in Volt/Octave mode.

The firmware revision of the Pro-2000 is briefly displayed whenever you turn the unit on. To display for longer, hold both the Inc & Dec buttons in while you power the unit on and keep them pressed until you have read the revision number.