Firmware update for Control Freak Original

This product cannot be re-flashed. An EPROM chip must be replaced to upgrade the firmware.

£18 ex VAT
£21.60 inc VAT


Control Freak Original firmware history

22/08/2003 KCNT4501.450 Added ability to load Control Freak Live & Studio profiles
05/03/2002 KC164501.447 Improved handling of large SysEx dumps - allows Freaks to be chained together
23/07/2001 KCNT4501.446 Added soft thru on-off select / Added control channel for remote control of programs & button presses / Added scene memory / Added erase program feature / Added delete to end of line feature
15/04/2000 KCNT4501.423 Added 2 x 8ch profile for Protools in factory set
28/01/2000 KCNT4501.422 Added 4 x 8ch profiles for VST in factory set
03/06/1999 KCNT4501.420 Added Controller 65 to 119-000 in factory set / added settling time after prog change
05/11/1998 KCNT4501.244 Added new R/T bytes

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The firmware revision of the Control Freak Original is briefly displayed whenever you turn the unit on. To display for longer, hold the shift button in while you power the unit on and keep it pressed until you have read the revision number. It will then enter analyser mode.