9V 660mA regulated centre negative 2.1mm for Roland 303 606 etc Multi-Region

£14 ex VAT
£16.80 inc VAT


Plug-top type power supply (wall wart) – Efficiency level VI

Output: 9 volts 660mA regulated – centre negative 2.1mm DC plug.

Input: 100-240 volts 50/60Hz multi-region – suitable for use in UK, EU, North America, Australia/New Zealand.

Supplied with 4 interchangeable heads that clip onto the main body of the PSU

Wire length: 1.4m.

Intended for use with:
Roland SH-101
Roland MC-202
Roland TB-303
Roland TR-606
and any other equipment requiring a 9 volt regulated, centre negative power supply with 2.1mm DC plug.

Note that a generic picture has been used and may not show the correct voltage, current or polarity
It does however show you the type of power supply, the 4 interchangeable heads and the DC plug type