Roland SH 101

You have the following options for an SH-101:

  1. Fit a MIDI retrofit kit
  2. Use a MIDI to CV converter
  3. Fit a filter input (VCF) socket
  4. Clock the internal arpeggiator
  5. Fit a filter & modulation kit

1. Fit a MIDI retrofit kit

You can fit a MIDI retrofit kit which will allow you to control the SH-101 directly using MIDI. Our MIDI retrofit kit is for MIDI IN only (and Thru). Fitting a retrofit kit is a skilled job which should be undertaken only by a competent synth service engineer or fitted by us at our premises in South West London (only available for UK/EU).

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Use a MIDI to CV converter

The SH-101 already has CV & Gate sockets which are suitable for connection to a CV converter.
Use it with a CV converter such as the Pro-Solo mkII or Pro-2000 mkII
On both models, the default setup is for an SH-101 (V/Oct mode and 5V Gate)
Connect the CV out of the converter to the CV In of the SH-101
Connect the Gate out of the converter to the Gate In of the SH-101
With one of our converters this provides a quite comprehensive amount of control. Notes, pitchbend, modulation, portamento – see the converter pages for more information.

Pro-Solo mkII converter

Pro-2000 mkII converter

3.5mm to 3.5mm jack leads – you will need 2 (first 3 items on this page)

Fit a filter input (VCF) socket

You can fit a filter input (VCF) socket which will allow you to use the above converters to control the filter cutoff frequency. You will need an additional jack lead if you do this.

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Clock the internal arpeggiator

You can clock the internal arpeggiator of the SH-101 using the clock output of a Pro-2000 mkII or the Aux output of a Pro-Solo mkII (set to clock). For this you will need a 3.5mm to 6.35mm jack lead. Note that you can only arpeggiate notes played on the keyboard of the SH-101. Anything plugged into the CV/Gate inputs overrides the internal arpeggiator.

.Note that although the internal sequencer of the SH-101 takes its speed from the LFO, this does not mean that connecting an external clock source to the EXT CLK IN of the SH–101 will affect the LFO.

Click here for 3.5mm to 6.35mm jack leads

Fit a filter & modulation kit

We also supply a filter & modulation kit for the SH-101 so that owners of our old Pro-2 model can control modulation as well as filter/VCF. You don’t need this variation of the kit if you have a Pro-Solo, Pro-2000 or Pro-4 as these all have modulation built-in.

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