Roland Juno-6

Find out how you can control your Roland Juno-6 with MIDI using Kenton MIDI Retrofit Kits or MIDI to CV converters

The Juno-6 does not have MIDI or CV/Gate. It does however have an Arpeggio Clock In 1/4″ jack socket. Kenton offer a variety of options for your Juno-6:

  1. Fit a MIDI Retrofit Kit
  2. Clock the Arpeggiator

Fitting a MIDI Retrofit Kit is a skilled job which should be undertaken only by a competent synth service engineer or fitted by us at our premises in Epsom, near London (UK customers only).

1. Fit a MIDI Retrofit Kit to the Juno-6

You can fit a MIDI Retrofit Kit which will allow you to control the Roland Juno-6 directly using MIDI from your DAW, MIDI Sequencer or other MIDI controller. Fitted inside your Juno-6, our MIDI Retrofit Kit adds MIDI IN and THRU sockets.

With the Retrofit Kit you’ll have MIDI control of Notes, Pitchbend, Modulation, Filter cutoff, Volume, Portamento / Glide, Sustain. You will also be able to clock the arpeggiator using the MIDI clock. Note that the retrofit is MIDI IN and THRU only, there is no MIDI Out.

Roland Juno-6 MIDI Retrofit Kit

2. Clock the Arpeggiator

You can use one of our MIDI converters to clock the Juno-6’s arpeggiator using MIDI clock – see Clocking the arpeggiator of your synthesiser for more information.

Solving MIDI Clock Problems

If you have issues with clocking the arpeggiator, please refer the troubleshooting guide here: Solving MIDI clock problems.