Coming Soon – Kenton Interchanger

The Interchanger is a very flexible, programmable MIDI patch bay – something many of our users have been asking us to make for a long time! Its feature set makes it just as useful on stage as it is in the studio, while retaining the ease of use our products are known for; not to mention build quality and reliability you can depend on.

This is a product still in development – things may change on it, but this is the feature set we are planning to ship with. To keep up to date with any news about the Interchanger, sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of the page.


  • 8x DIN MIDI inputs and outputs on the back panel. Pairs 7 & 8 are also duplicated on the front panel for easy access – which input is active is set in the configuration.
  • 4x USB ‘host’ ports for up to 4 class compliant USB MIDI devices, each of which can be a source and destination in the routing matrix.
  • USB ‘device’ port to allow the Interchanger to be connected to a computer, where it appears as 4x inputs and outputs that can be used as sources and destinations in the routing matrix.
  • 16×16 internal routing matrix (8x DIN I/O, 4x USB host, 4x USB device) – any combination of inputs can be routed to any combination of outputs.
  • Multiple operations can be chained at each intersection on the routing matrix – including MIDI merging, filtering, scaling, transposition and message transformation.
  • Fully programmable on the unit itself, although a remote editor program is planned as well.
  • Can store and recall 255 patches, as well as 255 scenes. As part of a scene, the Interchanger can send out MIDI program changes and bank select messages for each channel on each port.
  • Has a dedicated 3-digit LED display showing the current scene number for easy visibility.
  • Dual assignable footswitch inputs.
  • Multiple units can be linked together for an expanded routing matrix.
  • 1U rack unit with removable ears.